What is ethical graphic design?

At Little Seed Design we consider our environmental impact on all levels, from large print runs right down to the food we eat. It is not just important to us, it is our passion.


Being ethical isn’t always easy, but Little Seed can help you meet your ethical credentials at little or no extra cost. We’ve already assessed the best ways to deliver your needs with minimal environmental impact, and are continuing to follow the latest developments in ethical design.


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Ethical print design – its not just about paper and inks, it’s about people. As well as choosing recycled or FSC certified paper we try to print as local as possible and build up a good relationship with our printers and all we work with. We like to avoid excessive ink use, and where possible minimise paper wastage by suggesting paper formats that fit within conventional paper sizes. These can still be highly creative print solutions and highly ‘un’conventional. Ask us if you would like to know more about how we can do this.


This website, and all that we host, are on ‘carbon positive’ servers. ICT equipment currently accounts for 3-4% of the world’s carbon emissions, and 10% of the UK’s energy bill. Our web hosts carefully calculate the carbon emissions of their whole business, and ensure that significantly more than this total is absorbed by their trees in Ransom Wood Business Park in Nottinghamshire. To date they have planted over 300 English Oak trees, which at present absorb more than three times the carbon produced by their servers. Users of our service can be confident that not only are they getting an ultra-reliable, highly functional web hosting solution, they are also helping the environment.


We bank with The Co-operative Bank who have strong ethical guidelines on their banking practices, despite their recent difficulties. We are keeping a close eye on their development at present and will always ensure that our banking practises are not supporting businesses and activities we would not be proud to be associated with.


We will not work with companies or organisations that we feel do not contribute to our idea of a better world. We love fair trade projects, businesses that work in renewable energy, social inclusion projects, alternative practitioners and artists. But if your business makes profit from testing on animals, human rights abuses, child labour and destruction of the earth’s resources then please do not get in touch. Keep an eye on our Twitter feed to find out more about the issues we feel passionately about.




We also think that being ethical is about being innovative and changing the way we think about design. We like to look at the overall strategy behind each project, consider the core values and see if there might just be a new way to do it. We are proud of our success in fundraising which we feel has been achieved by reconsidering the conventions of fundraising design and working closely with the charities we work for. This is why we love to be involved in projects from the start, become part of the team and help support different ways of doing things that might not have been considered.


Being ethical is not just a business choice for us. We take these values home with us, by bike or on foot, where we source our food, electricity, fuel and clothes from renewable and ethical sources.